Missing Classmates

 Please use the "contact us" link on the home page of this site if you have any information that may assist us in locating any of these classmates.   The middle name for most of the missing classmates is very important, it helps when first and last names  are alike.  Thank you!

Carol Lynette Black
James Cook
Robert Donahue
Mary Elizabeth Freehan
Randall D. Hamilton
Beverly Hunt (McCoy)
April Jones (Johnson)
Kathleen Jones (Makely)
Kimberlee Lewis
Lester Lommaro
Maureen Lynch
Linda Merritt
Patricia E. Miller
Jerry A. Moore
Richard Rhudy
John Wells
John S. West

Guest Members

Lee Benjamin (Faculty)
Jane Bockstahler (Faculty)
Thomas Borgeld (Faculty)
Arthur Brice (Faculty)
Mary Bryant (Faculty)
Mitchell Buczkowski (Faculty)
Edward Bumgarner (Faculty)
Joseph Casares (Faculty)
Gary Chapin (Faculty)
Dorothy Cheatham (Faculty)
Joan Clarke (Faculty)
Ted Dahlem (Faculty)
Joyce Dance (Faculty)
Fred Dorsett (Faculty)
Edward Evans (Faculty)
Christa Fumea (Faculty)
Rachel Harless (Faculty)
Kenneth Harris (Faculty)
Judy Hoban (Faculty)
Robert Hunter (Faculty)
William Jacobs (Faculty)
Richard James (Faculty)
Tom Jones (Faculty)
Donald Keller (Faculty)
Raymond Kuhl (Faculty)
Jesslyn McBride (Faculty)
David McCray (Faculty)
Janet McCrimmon (Faculty)
Peggy McMurry (Faculty)
Charles Miner (Faculty)
Karl Nousiainen (Faculty)
Donald Palmer (Faculty)
Lou Perry (Faculty)
Gordon Prescott (Faculty)
Phebus Pruett (Faculty)
William Roberts (Faculty)
Jeanne Robertson (Faculty)
Larry Rudisill (Faculty)
Lynda Schoonover (Faculty)
Gay Shirley (Faculty)
Barbara Shorter (Faculty)
Elizabeth Stone (Faculty)
Walter Swan (Faculty)
Dorthea Taylor (Faculty)
Judy Thompson (Faculty)
Inez Tsacrios (Faculty)
Joan Vernotzy (Faculty)
Nancy Vogelsang (Faculty)
Sandra Watson (Faculty)
Douglas Werth (Faculty)