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•   Marie Truelson (Cooksey)  5/13
•   Eileen Stickney  5/11
•   John (Jack) Brady  5/5
•   Nina Radakovich  5/3
•   Jane Beegan (Wilburn)  5/1
•   Nancy Crum (Hicks)  4/29
•   Cindy Barber (Tegeler)  4/15
•   David Glatthorn  3/25
•   Michele Scott  1/11
•   Donna Hill (Spencer)  1/8
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•   Stephanie Coleman (Littlefield)  5/25
•   Joe Burns  5/26
•   Kathleen Blair (Endicott)  5/27
•   Mario Ferfoglia  5/29
•   Judy Gauger (Greco)  5/29
•   Stephen Locascio  5/30
•   Alita "Cookie" Brunner (Lyttle)  6/2
•   Thomas Dorman  6/3
•   Robert Cobb  6/4
•   Joe Chumbley  6/7
•   Dianne Byrd (Schmidt)  6/8
•   Natalie Robinson  6/8
•   Donna Hill (Spencer)  6/12
•   Nancy Fritz (Fritz-Williams)  6/13
•   Robert Hood  6/14
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Thank you, Karen Gage Shaarda (committee chair)


Northeast High School
Class Of 1970






Karen Gage Shaarda


May 20th & 21st  2022

 our 52nd reunion

was a great success a great time had by all!

It was a chance to chat with everyone in a very relaxed atmosphere. This reunion was the last reunion this current committee will do.  We have all retired from the committee.

It was great fun but very tiring and a lot of work for 13 years.  It is time for someone else to take the reins.

Karen Gage Shaarda will remain on the website and keep it running.  Anything to do with planning a get-together or reunion is in the hands of the next committee.

Belinda Byrd is the only one continuing from the current committee, contact her via her email address: as seen on her profile page for any reunion plans or get -togethers.


For Website Questions now and in the future  Contact:

Karen Gage Shaarda 

my email address is on my profile page


Any questions about the reunion planning in the future

Please contact:

Belinda Byrd


Please update your email address, when I send out class emails I am getting bounce backs!.

Please go to the donate button on the right side of this page to donate for the website.  Or you can send me a paper check in the mail made out to me, My email address is on my profile page.  Email me for my snail mail address.  Or click on the CONTACT US link on the left side of this page. 

I will send out a separate email about the cost to keep the website going, several asked about that at the reunion.
Thanks for your support.

  Please update your profile. Profiles must be updated every 6 months.  An automatic email is sent out by our website to remind you.  If you have not received that email it means we don't have your updated info or you have not visited the website in a while.  Please make sure we can contact you.
Because I am getting many requests from other graduating classes I am going to place their website address on here for your info.  We do not know if their websites are up on the web but you can check.  I am not even sure these websites are still good.
Class of 1969:
Class of 1971:
Class of 1972:
Website contact  information:
If you are a family member of a classmate or a friend of one of our classmates, we like hearing from you but we can not let you on the site.  Our site is secure and we protect the privacey of our classmates.  If you would like to contact a classmate or if you are a family member of a deceased classmate please contact me, NEHI website administrator Karen Gage Shaarda at  I will be happy to see what I can do for you.

To date, our paypal account which this site is linked to and where your donations go that are done via the website, is still good and when the time comes for the website to be updated with money to keep it on the web, I can draw it out of paypal.  Paypal also collects fees automatically from each transaction which are deducted from the donation amount up front.  The only way there are no fees charged is if you send me a check made out to me and I use my personal checking account or credit card to pay for things for the website

which I am currently and will continue to do. 

I intend to keep the website running as long as there is money to pay for it .

I just paid for the domain name of for the next two years until 2024.  The domain name and the website are two different things, the website is paid up until 6/ 2023

We have a private website because we pay for it, otherwise to have a free website would mean letting ads come on and that would break the privacy aspect.  I do not let anyone who is not a classmate on this website.  That is always resoursed with information I have to prove that someone was a classmate.


 If you have not received any information from me from this website you need to update your profile. This  is very important, something you must do every 6 months or you will not receive messages from the website.  We want everyone to at least receive information even if you don't want to attend anything, at least you know about it.  If you do not want to miss information given out,  Please sign up and let us know how you can be reached.


  This and Facebook is the only way we can communicate on a mass scale.  We don't want you to miss out on information about your class.  Please keep your profile updated! We still have classmates and faculty joining all the time.  A lot of folks do not go on Facebook so this website is a safe place to find out information or you can email me directly.


Our 60th Birthday Bash in 2012 was a rousing success!

 Pictures are posted under "Photo Albums"

We have removed off this site the video montages as the company serving them is going out of business. We have downloaded them to a CD and will give them out at the 50th reunion.

We are working hard for another great event!

Welcome to the Northeast High Class Of 1970 web site. Our 40 year reunion in July 2010 was a smashing success and we are excited about new events that will be planned. Keep watching for news about upcoming events....and until we get together again keep in touch with classmates and friends using this site. 

Our 60th Birthday Bash on June 23rd, 2012 was great fun and so many classmates and spouses attended...we had a great time talking, eating and taking pictures...some continued the party at Hooters in Pass-A-Grill and others went to classmates homes to visit.  Take a look at the photos under "Photo Albums" Tropical Storm Debby never dampened our Viking Spirit!


 If you are a NEHI Class of 1970 Alumni, Please go to "Classmates/Faculty" and Enter your information. If you are not on the class list, email us at the "contact us" link. 

Faculty signing on must scroll to the bottom of the list to find their name under "Guest Members"


Your NEHI Class of 1970

 Reunion Committee:


 1970 VIKINGS!!  Please sign in and complete your profile even if you do not plan to attend

any of the reunions.

All of your classmates would like to know how you are doing after 50 years.....

Bridge Over Troubled Waters...Our Class Song.....(Click on others to hear them)


Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones


Keep well, classmates. Stay safe from COVID 19. We will get through tnis.


We will be posting pictures of the 40th reunion in the photo gallery soon. Also we hope to put a for sale page up with NEHI T-shirts, coffee cups and Memorabilia/photo DVD's soon. All proceeds go towards the next reunions and keeping the website alive.

Andy Bevilacqua

A huge thankyou to all the Reunion Committee Members who spent their time and effort in making the 40th Reunion the very best. I don't think it could have been improved upon, it was that good.



To the Class of NEHI 1970 Reunion Committee and All the Classmates:
    My brother Bill Criswell called and also  sent me many pictures of your reunion this past weekend.  Kudos to the committee for putting on a first class party!   He says it was  an unforgetable experience!  Looking at your faces bought many  flowing tears thinking about you 40 years ago--roaming the halls of NEHI with so many hopes and dreams!  None of us had any life experience--broken hearts maybe --but, not a clue of the paths our lives would lead us down or to!  Those of you who reconnected or made promises to email, call or get together with each other--make sure you hold to those promises!  Start praying without ceasing for those who are sick-- or faced with difficulties --make that person's day!
    Please think of us--  the NEHI Class of 1971--- as we start to prepare for our reunion next summer. I can only hope that my classmates will look beyond a few wrinkles, extra  pounds, and gray hairs to come together and celebrate!!!
Debbie Criswell Fitzgerald Rush
NEHI Class of 1971
(352) 472-7756
cell: (352) 281-1254


Entered by: Karen Gage Shaarda ( committee chair Class of 1970)